Sunday, August 3

I wanna dance

Lately I've been thinking of going to the gym and working out. However, moving my body in repetitive movements does not appeal to me. So I have this idea of signing up for a dance class which I feel can be considered as an exercise as well. Besides toning my muscles and getting rid of the excess fat on my belly I'd also enjoy the sessions. Simply put I love to dance!

I used to dance in high school. My body was limber back then and slimmer. Would you believe me if I told you my waist was just a tiny 22? Now it's stuck at 28. Sheesh! If my belly fat don't decrease in size I'd really try those diet pills I've been reading about. And since I am a big proponent of organic products, I would definitely go for the best diet pills in this category.

And being inexpensive doesn't necessarily mean those pills are the best! Yes, you may have to splurge a little, but when you want to use the best and the safest, then it's a good investment to make.

Not only that, I have also seen the effectiveness of using Herbalife products. Two friends from the office have tried this and experienced changes in their body size and weight after only two weeks of use. It's a meal supplement program. It doesn't encourage dieters to go hungry. In fact, they suggest that for the program to work, dieters must eat as they needed to, but the type of food they eat should be moderated.

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