Saturday, August 23

Good Sex for Clear Skin

Well another weekend in another week. My boyfriend, whom I last spent some time with a month ago waxing poetic about an HDMI switch, a Plasma TV and digital cam, is now free to visit me, but the guy is unwilling to budge from his newest "loves". Oh well...

To entertain myself sans boyfriend I again walked about town drinking in the newest sights at the mall. New stores, new stuff to try. Well my lover is not the only gadget freak. A row of cellphones caught my attention. These are well-known brands of mobile phones. However, their models have been discontinued from being manufactured.

Call me desperate or maybe wily but to lure my lover from his den I bought him a new cellphone. A new toy to play with, so to speak. You are probably wondering why I need to do this in the first place. Well there's this matter of having a "rosy glowing skin" due to regular sexual activity.

Yes, it seems sex is good for your skin. When women have sex they produce great amounts of endorphins (the hormones released by the brain that mimic the effect of morphine) which contribute to shiny hair and clear skin. From Savvy Women Magazine, Dr Jane Halliwell, a well-known dermatologist, notes: "By blending a number of physiological and psychological factors, sex can produce the same benefits as a week at a luxury spa."

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