Tuesday, July 15

Words To Live By

There is this motto that I go by ever since I experienced working in a call center two years ago. It goes like this: "Work hard. Play hard."

A friend I met at that call center taught me the meaning of that saying. We can all work our butts hard enough, run our selves aground in our jobs, but everything is meaningless without experiencing happiness and satisfaction from our personal lives. We must learn how to balance our professional and our personal lives.

It was my first time to work in a call center. A busy and noisy place it was. The sounds of agents talking to people in the US to add another account for mortgage lenders, to sign up for a personality development course, or to buy another satellite TV subscription. Everybody's into making that sale, generating the most leads or getting the highest number of appointments. Plus we have team leaders breathing down our backs to make only quality calls.

But above the stress, the politics and the lack of sleep, I always remembered my co-worker's words: Work hard, Play hard. That's the principle I follow now. I try hard to balance it all. Without the sense of balance, I feel everything will fall apart.

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