Monday, July 14

A Slimmer and Younger Looking You

I was surfing through the web today searching for information on cheap Phentermine as a medical alternative to losing weight and also for anti aging skin care products for looking young when I stumbled upon a product that gives you both a great body and great skin. It's called Orovo, which was originally thought up by a housewife who was watching an Oprah episode on looking ten years younger.

A world renowned dermatologist was talking with Oprah about the 10 superfoods that can give you anti aging benefits. These superfoods include barley, acai, cayenne pepper, alfalfa, lactobacillus acidophilus, flaxseed, buckwheat, garlic, wheatgrass and soy. Orovo is also fortified with antioxidants such as green tea, alpha-lipoic acid, dmae (memory boosting substance) and idebenone.

Orovo is being marketed not only as an anti aging skin care product but also as a weight loss alternative because the woman who originally used the ten superfoods discussed at the Oprah Winfrey show has reduced weight (she lost 10 pounds) after 10 days.

Incidentally I also tried researching for the relationship between Bangkok pills and skin whitening, but there is no concrete evidence on this. Bangkok pills are the notorious slimming pills that gained controversy when they were popularly used by Filipino celebrities in the 90s to lose weight fast. That was the time when liposuction wasn't available yet.

Anyways, Bangkok pills and other slimming pills often use phentermine as an appetite suppressant. The substance induces production of neurotransmitters called catecholamines that stimulate the brain center primarily involved in regulating hunger, thirst and other basic bodily functions. So this in effect inhibits you to interpret hunger signals in your brain and thereby suppressing your appetite.

But according to a certain Dr Philip S Chua from News Today, appetite suppressants are generally safe if they are prescribed by a physician and is being taken as part of a weight reduction program being supervised by a medical professional. But even these slimming pills shouldn't be treated as a primary solution. It's still better to go the organic way and start regulating your calorie intake and increasing physical activities to burn off fat. Only when these methods fail that a diet suppressant may be recommended by the physician who is thoroughly familiar with the person's medical history.

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