Tuesday, July 15

Rearranging My Sidebar

If you have been visiting this blog for some time now, you would have noticed the changes I did on the way the page now looks. The sidebars before have been filled with too many graphics that it slows page loading.

I did wonder if it's because I needed another RAM upgrade on my PC, but before I pull out cash to purchase the needed part, I have to test first if it's because the page itself was too heavy for my PC. I just installed the YSlow addon on my Firefox and it told me it takes like 200 plus seconds for my page to load fully.

So what I did was to take off the load from the sidebars and transferred most of those badges and buttons at the bottom. I'm not willing to delete all of them. Some have been placed as a reciprocal link and they do direct traffic to this blog, so there's a sense of gratitude there.

But soon I have to do something else to lessen page loading. And regarding that RAM upgrade... Perhaps I should really upgrade. This will help me do my job faster, I think.

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