Monday, July 14

Read books for a calmer, more creative mind

Lately I've been into reading books instead of going out to meet friends at the newest hangout in town. It's less costly and more relaxing to read books, plus it widens your knowledge and encourages a livelier and more active imagination. I found out it helps me become more creative in my work and improves the way I write.

A big portion of my job involves writing and communicating effectively. Reading helps me in improving my English skills and thinking up new ways of delivering lessons to my trainees for optimal learning.

Reading books also relaxes me. I don't have to worry about my spending plus it won't tire me out. It instead induces a calmer spirit and peace of mind. And when I read before I sleep I discovered I have more pleasant dreams than when I go to bed straight from work exhausted or tired from going out with friends.

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