Tuesday, July 15

Paintball Outing in Davao

This post diverges from the usual skin care and beauty topics I discuss here. It's something related to my personal life. It's rare that I get to share what's happening on my end.

A friend of mine from Davao has sent me an alert through Friendster that the photos from their paintball outing can now be seen online. It was a pleasure to see my friends' faces shining with happiness as they posed in full tactical gear outfits complete with their weapons.

When I was over at Davao visiting my company's branch office for training, me and some of my friends there were talking about going out and playing some paintball. We played badminton every weekend to relieve stress. As a change of activity we were planning to do paintball instead of just going to the beach. We've done that before and it's really easy to go to beaches when you're in Davao.

But then I have to go home to Iloilo. I wasn't able to go to the planned paintball trip. But at least I was able to see my friends' enjoyment.

I got this from Cliff Ivan Borda's Friendster photo album. Thanks Cliff!

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