Tuesday, July 29

Aching for a Full Body Scrub

I was talking to a friend of mine about spas and salons proliferating in the city. People it seems have become more conscious of their skin care needs. I don't know why and when this started but the existence of so many establishments catering to body scrubs, foot scrubs, body massages, facial treatments and other dermatological enhancements is so remarkable for a little urban city like Iloilo.

This friend who has gone with his wife to a spa for a body massage was telling us what the experience was like. It was a luxury to feel such pampering. His whole body, he said, was relaxed and he felt like all the stresses of the past week has gone out of him. But what he really preferred, however, was the sauna bath. He's a smoker and he felt that sweating out the toxins was a good detoxifying process.

Personally I'd like to try the full body scrub because secretly I like to feel squeaky clean. Besides there are some areas on my body which I can not normally reach around when I'm bathing. Like for example the back area where some pimples have developed due to the dirt that accumulated there.

Having acne on your back is uncomfortable. I'm leery of undergoing some expensive acne treatment that could have been done in the privacy of my own bathroom at a lower price. Better yet I'd rather have preventive maintenance such as a full body scrub once a month to clean up my pores and exfoliate dead skin cells off my body.

As of now I am using a loofah to wash off dirt and I exfoliate using a body scrub product once a week. I don't want to over-exfoliate for fear of upsetting my skin's natural pH and drying up the moisture. Also I have noticed that the more often one exfoliates, the more sebum builds up to compensate for loss of moisture and body oils.

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