Tuesday, June 24

Why use mineral makeup?

Prescriptives (ELC)Mineral makeup is all the rage since late last year. It's only gaining momentum early this year. And now it doesn't seem to end its run. Mineral makeup has proven itself very beneficial and the best natural skin care product you'll ever use.

Mineral make-up is non-comedogenic, which means it does not block the pores of the skin but instead allows the skin to breathe. This makes it the perfect cosmetics to use for sensitive skin, or for people who suffer from skin problems. Applying makeup on acne can aggravate the condition instead of helping it, but with mineral makeup, using cosmetics for acne-prone skin is easy and comfortable.

Mineral makeup has a much lighter, almost weightless quality. Many users have reported that wearing mineral makeup felt like wearing no makeup at all. Mineral makeup also leaves the skin with a very natural radiant glow.

For those suffering from oily skin, mineral makeup can provide an excellent solution. The usual chemical-based cosmetics contain oils or oil-producing ingredients. These oils can cause skin problems, especially in those with oily skin. These can be avoided by using mineral-based makeup, since no oils or oil-inducing ingredients are used in manufacturing them.

For older users with mature skin, mineral makeup is well-suited for hiding the skin’s wrinkles, crow's feet and fine lines because it reflects sunlight, resulting in a very healthy and glowing appearance. The top brands of mineral makeup need only be applied once a day and are found to be water resistant. Also, unlike traditional cosmetics, you can even go to sleep with mineral makeup on, so you can apply it before going to bed if you know you will be rushed for time the following day.

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