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Use Glycerin Products for Anti Aging Skin Care

glycerin soap anti aging skin care product {Some Rights Reserved CC Photo By Thom Watson, Arlington, VA, Nov. 6, 2004}

For those who are exposed to the skin drying effects of airconditioning systems each day (malling, working in an office or having aircons in the house), it's advisable to use glycerin-based skin care products to keep moisture on your skin and keep it from drying. I am writing about glycerin because I heavily support its use for many reasons.

Glycerin is organic and has proven itself to be truly beneficial. This is not just claims and hype, but facts. The following outlines the benefits of glycerin use for skin care products:
  • Glycerin is one of the components in fats and oils or, as they are also called, triglycerides.

  • Glycerin enters the bloodstream when the body needs energy and uses stored fats.

  • Glycerin is contributor to cell metabolism.

  • Glycerin is hygroscopic. It absorbs water from the air.

Glycerin products are gentle and do not cause irritation which make them safe to use on children's skin.

In relation to anti aging skin care, Glycerin acts as a humectant, attracting water to the skin to restore suppleness. One of the primary causes of wrinkling is the loss of elasticity and moisture in the skin. Aging depletes skin resources and many are not restored by the body. Glycerin is water retaining and application on the skin forms a barrier against moisture loss and an attractant for new moisture.

And what's great is that Glycerin is not that expensive.

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