Thursday, June 12

Savor these beautifully crafted handmade soaps!

Ooohhh.... Aaaaahhh... Oh Em Gee!!!

I just can't stop gushing and lusting after these deliciously crafted handmade soaps from Savor, one of my favorite shops at Etsy.

I was surfing today through the bids showing up on my Project Wonderful page. I do this before I approve them just to see what kinds of products their ads will be promoting on my site. Let's just say I was curious. But my curiosity immediately turned to delight when I saw these glorious handmade soaps!

So beautifully crafted and yet with the right mix of organic ingredients that will surely leave your skin clean and healthy. The natural oils and fruit essences will not put your skin's pH balance out of whack and keep the moisture in instead of out. This will also keep the fine lines from developing sooner on your skin.

The more balanced the pH level and the better the mixture of oil and moisture on one's skin, the less likely you'll develop wrinkles in your late twenties or in your thirties. Looking young means using all natural products that will not harm your skin and keep it healthy.

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