Wednesday, June 25

Missing cigs and alcohol binges

A friend of mine invited me to go out last night for some drinking and partying, but I said no. I'm still young at thirty but I'm concerned the alcohol and the lack of sleep will take a toll on my skin. Too much alcohol in one's system can dry up the skin and encourage early production of wrinkles.

I do feel thirsty for some beer now and then. I don't think it's addiction yet. I mean I don't party hard like La Lohan or Britney who have to place themselves under addiction treatment in some high class private drug treatment center or a drug rehab hidden somewhere in Malibu.

I'm still in control of my wits. Unlike so many young stars who are into that kind of lifestyle, including the iconic Paris Hilton, who have to be treated in a private drug rehab facility for some addiction or another.

These celebrities wouldn't have bothered entering a drug treatment center if they weren't caught Driving Under Influence by the cops. The bad publicity alone got them where they needed to be: in drug rehab.

Crashing a million dollar car is nothing compared to becoming a negative role model for teens today. Using drugs and alcohol is never a great way to live. Smoking and liquor are alright as long as they are moderately inhaled and imbibed. I'm not a prude, you know.

I have to be a hypocrite if I say I don't miss a nicotine boost, caffeine kick, or some booze now and then. These substances keep me sane in an insanely crowded world. But when you get to the mature age of thirty you start thinking of your health and what you'd look like ten years from today. I wanna look good even when I'm pushing fifty or so. Hey, I'm vain. So sue me.

And if I do get treated for an addiction, I wanna be in a private drug rehab facility like this one in Malibu. I found some cool pics on their "accommodations". Would you look at that? Really cool, huh?

Malibu drug rehab addiction treatment drug treatment centerI'd like to be served this much food in this kind of style. Hmmm! Scrumptious! I love good food. I'm far from fat but I love to eat. And I'm a bit picky in my choice of mouth-watering dishes.

But I don't think the bulimics and anorexics would have the same sentiments as I do. I used to have the suspicion I was bordering on bulimia a while ago. I experienced decrease of appetite and lack of will to eat even when I do feel hunger pangs. It's just I don't want to eat. That's all. But I'm glad my appetite got back. I think it was just a period of emotional eating that got me. I was depressed that time.

And here are the beds! My oh my! The rooms are totally five-star! I'd feel like I'm a princess in these. Who would feel they're undergoing addiction treatment for being wasted? Malibu drug rehab addiction treatment drug treatment centerI'd be sleeping deeply and smoothly like a babe in those soft pillows. The only problem I'd encounter will probably be what dress I'm going to wear for the day. Or whether I can go swimming down the beach or at the pool. Nice, eh?

All photos are from Cliffside Malibu. Copyright 2008

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