Monday, June 30

Four Fundamental Ingredients for an Antiaging Diet

The following are just the basic elements of a healthy anti aging diet that will keep your bodies healthy and your skin younger-looking:

1. Water - Our bodies are made up of water anywhere between 55% to 80%. If the level of hydration falls below normal we may become dehydrated. This is why we are advised by physicians to drink at least 8 glasses of water (or equivalent fluids like juice or milk) daily: 3 in the morning at breakfast, 2 during lunch, 2 in the evening and one before going to bed.

Maintaining the normal level of hydration in your body will keep your skin moisturized, cleanse your system from toxins and encourage regeneration of cells.

2. Fruits and Vegetables - My great-grandmother reached the age of 99 years before dying in her sleep. She was a small, wiry woman whose mind remained alert and active, kept all of her teeth and didn't suffer from a bent back.

What made her live so long and kept her mind and body strong was her simple diet of vegetables, water and some exercise. She stopped eating meat in her later years and opted to drink water instead of juices and milk, which made her tummy ache either from the acid or the lactose.

3. Mental and Physical Exercise - There's a principle among health nuts that a healthy body keeps a healthy mind, and vice versa. My great-grandmother proved this to be true. She also liked to walk around the house or enjoy some fresh air outside on the terrace. This activity kept her in touch with her environment and the people who saw her and talked with her also made her happy.

Maintaining a positive outlook and keeping your spirits up will greatly help in making you look younger and your body function better. You will be able to adapt well to changes in your health and your appearance.

4. Antioxidants - These group of nutrients deserve a separate discussion. They may be found in the food we eat, especially in fruits. However, because of the advancements in science, we are able to extract these valuable nutrients and capsulize them.

Antioxidants have been found to fight aging well by cleansing our bodies from the toxins that we are exposed to everyday. They help us cope with stress well and encourage cellular growth more.

Rich sources of antioxidants include lemons, oranges, and grapes, and beverages such as green or white tea and green coffee beans. They are also found in tomatoes and cucumber. Also some use herbal extracts such as witch hazel and rosemary to provide supporting anti aging effects on skin.

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