Monday, June 30

Four Basic Antiaging SKin Care Products To Keep

Organic means natural, untainted by chemicals and kept as much as nature would allow in its rawest form. However, when it comes to skin care products, organic ones may be rare.

First of all, they do not produce instantaneous results unlike their synthetic sisters. They take time because they have to be absorbed well in large amounts by the body, and they have to be used over a longer period of time.

The good news is they won't likely cause clogged pores or skin cancer. They will once in a while cause some allergy, but then many of us have developed reactions from foods and stuff we use even when they're made from organic ingredients.

Here are some tips on the basic anti aging skin care products a girl must have in her beauty kit:

1. Moisturizer - Our bodies are mostly made up of water. Our skin expends moisture more frequently and in greater amounts than any organ in our body. That is why we must rehydrate our skin by using moisturizers. Make sure you use a moisturizing lotion or, if your prefer, body oil to seal in some of that water inside.

2. Cleansers - There are many skin cleansers to choose from, but select wisely based on your skin type and the sensitivity of your skin. Oily skin needs astringents and oil-reducing facial scrub to get rid of extra sebum, and a follow up use of facial toners to decrease pore size. Sensitive skin must use mild cleansers with milk to avoid skin irritation and maintain the pH balance of skin.

3. Anti Aging Skin Care Products - Delaying time's effects on one's skin is next to improbable but not impossible. There are many highly advanced products in the market now such as Philosophy skin care products that promise younger looking skin in a matter of weeks of use. Be warned, however, that what these products offer is a small reprieve. Time and nature will have their way and we will still look old no matter what we do. Just be careful in choosing the brands you use. There are many untrustworthy brands out there that can hurt your skin more than help you.

4. Diet, vitamins, herbs and exercise - These last group are more reliable when it comes to maintaining a healthier and younger looking appearance. Taking care of our bodies and making sure we follow our doctor's advice will greatly help in preventing detoxifying our systems from the day-to-day stressors we are exposed to. Our environments, the foods we eat and our lifestyle can have negative effects on our health, which in turn will encourage faster aging.

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