Tuesday, May 20

Young? Beautiful? Join Look of the Year Model Search, an online beauty contest!

Ever dreamed of becoming the next Gisele Bundchen, or Adriana Lima? How about becoming another Tyson Beckford or Marcus Schenkenberg? Now is the time for you to step into the spotlight and show people in the modeling industry your potential to be a model! Join the Look of the Year Model Search online and win a $10,000 cash prize and perhaps be signed into a modeling contract with one of the hottest modeling agencies in the world.
(In Photo at Left: Gisele B√ľndchen)

If you are aged 14 and above, young, fresh faced, beautiful and worthy of the title, sign up now at LookoftheYear.com and submit your personal information and at most three most recent photos. Each participant is voted upon by visitors and the one who has the most votes at the end of the beauty contest wins the top prize.

There are no prerequisites, no limitations. Everyone is qualified to join as long as the photos submitted are not judged as obscene. Each participant has a profile page that representatives of Model Agencies can check out and, if they are interested, they can contact the person through private messages or email.

Look of the Year Model beauty contest for the young and beautiful

Visit Look of the Year Model Search for more details on how to join this online beauty contest and become one of the beautiful models of the young generation.

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