Saturday, May 10

Snail extract can get rid of wrinkles and acne!

I wonder... Will snail extract cream be effective in fighting anti aging signs on skin? According to an Eye Beauty Tips article, it can! Apparently a paste made from the secretions of snails can plump up, smoothen and soften skin.

This amazing discovery was made by workers in a snail farm. Their skin became baby soft after handling the snails everyday. It seems snails can regenerate their shells when their shells were damaged or became diseased. The same substance that helps snails will also help human skin to regenerate and be rejuvenated.

It was mentioned in the Eye Beauty Tips article that a pharmaceutical company is taking advantage of this discovery to create an effective anti aging skin care product to combat wrinkles and acne. Additional ingredients are allantoin, collagen, natural peptides, proteins, vitamins and glycolic acid.

However, after researching the scientific name of the snail variety mentioned (extraviada natural Alantonia) in the said article, I couldn't find information on it. Instead I found several kinds of snails from different parts of the world. I don't know which of these were used for making this rumored upcoming anti wrinkle cream.

In the meantime why don't you spend some time watching this video of Giant African Snails? The background music is nice and soothing, add to that the slowness of movement and the video will probably lull you to sleep... hehehe...

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