Wednesday, May 21

Organic Skin Care Information at Saffron Rouge

I was out shopping yesterday for my monthly supply of bathroom and skin care products. As much as possible I'd like to buy natural beauty products. So I kept checking out the list of ingredients on the label at the back of each product I pick regardless of the brand name. Some I can barely read because of the fine print and the number of ingredients listed.

I had the impression that herbal ingredients such as witch hazel and rosemary makes a difference. I have also read that denatured alcohol and salicylic acid are de rigeur for some products. They keep the acne out and cleans the skin of bacterial residue. Though the skin may not be completely cleansed, it is safe to assume that besides having minimized pores and smoother skin texture one can avoid developing acne infections if these products were used with regularity.

I was particularly concerned with the ingredients in the organic skin care product I use as toner. I was able to find a good toner with the prerequisite herbal ingredient and at a good price, too! I was very happy - for the meantime.

"How about next month then?" I asked myself.

Well I found a good website online that can give me the organic skin care product to use without wasting time at the mall which actually lacks options for consumers of natural skin care products like me.

It's called Saffron Rouge, website of Kirstin Binder, organic beauty expert. I like Kirstin's site because of the variety of organic skin care information stored there. She has listed some of her favorite natural beauty products. There are also freebies available if you purchase products from her site.

Saffron Rouge offers natural beauty products for men, women and even babies. That is how safe to use the organic skin care products being sold at the site. There are also articles on Kirstin's blog on how to keep your personal natural skin care regimen.

For more information on organic skin care, natural beauty products and tips for maintaining a natural skin care regimen, visit Saffron Rouge at

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