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Now one can eat ice cream and look younger at the same time!

Anti-Ageing ice cream with fruit flavors
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Anti Aging Skin Care ProductCamps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa January 16 2004 -- A South African company, the Renewal Centre - who bill themselves as South Africa's Antidote to Stress, brought a whole new meaning to therapy and a unique South African sensory experience, in their announcement of their world first range of organic Vinetherapy™ Ice Creams using the same fruit flavours that are used as descriptors for wine, with flecks of grape seed extract which offer anti-oxidant properties.

All good upmarket wines are described using fruit, like cherry, blackcherry, black currant, strawberry, blueberry, liquorice, anise, mint, chocolate, guava, gooseberry, vanilla, peach, apricot, pear, fig and honey. Now this same approach towards using fruits as wine descriptors, is being brought to the arena of ice cream, elevating ice cream into a whole new stratosphere of flavours, like:

Vinetherapy™Chardonnay Grape with Fig & Honey - Reserve 2004
Bold, ripe, smooth and creamy. A real mouthful of the Chardonnay grape. Its tiers of ripe pear, fig, and honey flavours have resulted in a beautifully crafted ice cream, with a rich butterscotch aftertaste that still has all those delicious flavours chiming in. It is irresistible!

Vinetherapy™ Chardonnay Grape with Peach & Pear - 2004
Bright with fruit and supple in texture, this harmonious white velvety smooth ice cream has a generous dose of peach and pear flavours and a hint of honey on the finish. This ice cream is "very good, an ice cream with special qualities," and this Chardonnay fruit offers virtues without flaws. Stellenbosch is known for a full-bodied, ripe style of winemaking, and that heritage is reflected in this ice cream's "supple" texture, "generous" fruit flavours and "hint of honey". You'll remember it for the rest of your life.

Vinetherapy™ CABERNET SAUVIGNON Grape with Black Cherry & Raspberry Private Bin 2004
DESCRIPTION: The Vinetherapy™ Cabernet grape is rich with deep, dark berry aromas. This ice cream is wonderfully complex with lush black cherry, black raspberry and cassis. The lingering juicy finish is complete as an exotic dessert.

Vinetherapy™ Blackberry & Cherry PINOTAGE Limited Edition 2004:
DESCRIPTION: The Vinetherapy™ Pinotage grape is wonderfully intense. This ice cream has rich black fruit with a velvety texture and a lingering berry finish which will delight your palate. This ice cream is full of berry and black cherry and has a lovely cocoa finish.

The Vinetherapy™ range of ice creams was inspired in the South African coastal resort town of Camps Bay in Cape Town, with Sinnfull, the ice cream emporium and the Renewal Centre, the developers of the Vinetherapy™ range of products, known as - South Africa's Miracle of Nature.

The Vinetherapy™ range of products from the Renewal Centre in South Africa, have high concentrations of grape seed polyphenols, by cultivar, especially the South African red grape varietal, Pinotage, that are potent anti-oxidants and proven to be effective in treating wrinkles and ageing.

Now one can eat ice cream and look younger at the same time!

Note: The Renewal VineTherapy Range™ is the culmination of extensive research and development in which the finest viticultural grapes are used to develop our specially crafted cosmoceutical ranges. The Renewal VineTherapy™ products base ingredients have been carefully selected and prepared with immense care over the years, by the world's best viticulturalists. The by-products from these world class grapes, which have been specially nurtured and harvested from around the Stellenbosch and West Coast wine areas, consist of grape seeds and husks, which form the foundation of a unique South African healing processes and have resulted in a world class South African health and skincare range.

The Renewal VineTherapy™ range is a luxurious range of health and skin care products developed to treat the aging process of the body both internally and externally. The range is based on the highest quality Pinotage Grape-seed extracts containing high concentrations of grape-seed polyphenols.

None of the products contain alcohol. They are free from animal derivatives and are not tested on animals. This is South Africa's Miracle of Nature - and used in South African Airways First Class Lounges.

The effects of ageing on the skin, is treated with our specialised Pinotage grape seed polyphenol treatments for the skin and body care products.

The Pinotage Grape-seed oil and grape polyphenols form the basis of this range.

To this, unique medicinal botanicals and therapeutic ingredients that are indigenous to South Africa, from the Cape area have been scientifically added and formulated, which further enhances the unique South African health and healing experience.

Normal metabolism releases destructive oxygen molecules called free radicals into the body. On a daily basis we are all exposed to additional destructive free radicals from pollution, smoke, alcohol, contaminated water, sunlight, stress and tension.

It is now commonly known from research, that free radicals are largely responsible for our aging process by being implicated in cardiovascular diseases, memory loss, vision loss, arthritis, certain cancers and sports injuries. Free radicals can be described as the cause of "biological rusting". 80% of skin aging is due to the effect of free radicals. They kill off our cells, and therefore cause premature aging. (It is free radicals that make our fruit go brown).

Everyone therefore needs to combat free radicals, by the use of Anti-oxidants, which reduce oxidative damage. Research has proven that Grape-seed extract is the best antioxidant available. Studies have proven that it is a more powerful reducer of free radical induced cell damage than vitamin C, E, and B-carotene. Some of the biological active flavonoids found in red grape seeds, posses up to 20 to 50 times more antioxidant activity than vitamins C and E respectively.

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