Wednesday, May 7

Know Your Skin Type Before Buying Any Anti Aging SKin Care Product!

I just got a sage advice from Cavyl Stewart: "Knowing your skin type is important because this will help you determine the right skin care products, soaps or cleansers to use." I read her latest newsletter about this.

I echo her sentiments too. Before buying the latest anti aging skin care product try to find out first what type of skin you have. Here are the four basic skin types to identify:

Normal skin (the ideal skin type)

  • has medium-sized pores

  • has an even texture

  • appears smooth and healthy looking

  • has good circulation and color

  • has a tendency to become a little dry around the cheeks

Oily skin

  • has a more shiny skin tone

  • has larger pores

  • blackheads and blemishes are more prevalent

Dry skin

  • feels tight; more so after cleansing

  • more prone to fine wrinkles, red patches and flaking

  • appears dull due to the buildup of dead skin

Sensitive skin

  • delicate, thin and has fine pores

  • appears to blush more easily

  • can be susceptible to rashes and other skin irritations

  • broken capillaries are a problem with sensitive skin

Once you have identified your skin type, it will be easier for you to choose which product to use that will either moisturize (for dry skin) or lessen the sebum on (for oily skin) your skin.

I happen to have a combination skin, which means I have oily areas on my forehead and along the bridge of my nose. This forms the shape of a letter T, which is why it's commonly called the T-zone.

My cheeks and the areas around my mouth range from normal to dry skin. I often moisturize my face to combat dryness and control the oil. I use a special moisturizer for this and it's in a form of lotion rather than serum or liquid. Cream is used for really dry skin.

Besides using any skin care product, try these organic ways of keeping your skin as normal as possible: lower your stress levels, keep yourself out of the sun as often as possible, use sunscreen (SPF 15 and above) if it can't be avoided, change your diet to nutritious foods, and exercise daily to encourage sweating which cleans out our skin pores.

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