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Ecco Bella Skin Care Is All Organic, All Natural! No Carcinogenic or Comedogenic Preservatives Added!

I take care of my skin well by using organic anti aging skin care products as possible. When I purchase beauty products off the shelf I am careful in reading the list of ingredients at the back. Who knows that scientifically sounding ingredient could be plugging my pores or perhaps scarring my skin gradually? Imagine my delight in finding a beauty and skin care company engaged in providing only the most natural and safe products for its clientele.

Ecco Bella has only the choicest ingredients for its beauty and skin care product line. It also makes sure its products were never tested on animals. From Ecco Bella's FAQ page we learn that Ecco Bella products are non-comedogenic and preservative-free. All Ecco Bella products are preservative-free except for Shampoo, Conditioner, Mascara and Natural Foundation. But we were assured that over time these products will become preservative-free as well.

In addition to that we learn that grapefruit seed extract and vitamin E, which are popular ingredients in organic cosmetics, are in truth not full spectrum preservatives that kill both bacteria and mold. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that keeps oils from going rancid but it will not kill bacteria.

To really provide anti-bacterial action, Ecco Bella uses methyl and propyl paraben as preservatives in some of its cosmetic products. They are two of the most commonly used preservatives in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Parabens in general are the most frequently used preservatives in the US. In 1977, approximately 30% of all cosmetics registered with the FDA contained parabens. Methyl and propyl paraben are broad spectrum and are classified to be: nonpoisonous, nonirritating and nonsensitizing.

Methyl paraben can be naturally derived from benzoic acid which does not store in the body. It is classified to be safe for the skin and also for the environment. They provide bacterial and fungicidal activity against a diverse number of organisms. They have an extremely low sensitizing risk and are classified as safe. They are even used in intravenous medicines. There is a range of paraben concentrations used in Ecco Bella's mascaras, foundations.

Since this blog is focused on anti aging skin care products, I immediately dived into Ecco Bella's skin care page where i found the following description of its skin care line:

Skin Care with VitaminCells

Ecco Bella natural and organic anti-aging skin care has world renowned anti-aging vitamins.

•Helps slow down the signs of aging with trillions of nutrient filled Vitamin Cells.

•Lutein, lycopene, astaxanthin, CoQ10, Vitamin E and Vitamin C are proven to help skin retain its natural beauty.

•Doctor approved, anti-aging, natural and organic skin care that is preservative-free for sensitive skin.

•Ecco Bella guarantees you will be exuberant over these natural beauty products.


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  2. Thanks i am looking out for this only. Sometime Skin gets sticky, we have to take care of it.


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