Monday, May 12

Anti Aging After Shave Now Available!

Most anti aging skin care products are usually geared towards women. Lotions, serums, and creams are packaged and marketed with the female buyer in mind. It is rather unusual to find products for men who are concerned with wrinkles and aging.

Introducing the one of the newest products against aging created for men: the Anti-Wrinkle After Shave. DermaLAstyl-m is an anti-wrinkle after shave that contains a special formula composed of real human elastin in the form of Elastrophin (registered trademark). This ingredient is purported to restore youthful appearance and improve one's skin in just a few months of regular use.

Since Elastrophin® is made from organic sources, it is readily absorbed by human skin, and delivers genuine human elastin to the skin. The protein elastin keeps skin flexible and able to stretch or contract, and then return to its normal shape.

Elastin is lost as we age, making signs of aging appear more frequently and likely permanently. With the use of Anti Aging DermaLAstyl-m, a man can keep the wrinkles away without steering from his usual morning routine. No additional lotions or creams to apply. Just rub the anti-aging after shave evenly onto your skin, and enjoy looking years younger.

DermaLastyl-m contains Argireline® to help relax facial muscles, and Matrixyl 3000® to promote collagen production. It also employs Hyaluronic Acid to both moisturize and stimulate collagen synthesis, and Proli-Sel® selenium antioxidant to help protect your face against photodamage.

For more information on DermaLAstyl-m and on ordering and shipping costs, please visit this page.

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