Wednesday, February 6

Aging - Why Most Girls Age Fast

By Wendy Brock

There are certain factors that make girls age faster: sunlight, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, stress, and make-up. When avoiding these factors, the aging process is slowed down and true natural beauty is dominant. Here is the list of what makes girls age faster:

SUNLIGHT overexposure and tanning beds: A suntan does not represent a healthy glow like most people believe. Actually, it's a key indicator of skin damage. By the time a girl is beyond middle age, the damage of prolonged tanning is irreversible. This damage is shown in ways of dry, leathery skin and pronounced wrinkles. By avoiding sun exposure and tanning beds, and using sunscreen lotions, a girl can extend her youthful appearance.

CAFFEINE: A can of soda or a cup of coffee produces drying effects on the skin. If a girl does not drink enough water to counteract the salt intake from these high caffeine drinks, skin becomes ashy and dull. Regular caffeine intake makes a girl age faster.

ALCOHOL: Alcohol can also dry the skin. If consumed heavily, it can cause broken capillaries under the eyes. These dark puffy circles cause a girl to look older.

SMOKING: The harsh chemicals, exposure to smoke and the carbon monoxide causes many effects on the skin. From drying the skin to causing a yellow discoloration, these factors create an aged appearance in girls.

STRESS: Stress has a way of messing up many types of body functions, but none like causing wrinkles. When a girl is under stress, the first area that tenses up is her eyebrows. This wrinkle can add years to a girl.

MAKE-UP: Cosmetics are a fabulous way to look and feel great, but if not properly removed each night, the effects can be serious signs of aging. Leaving eye make-up on overnight is a surefire way to develop premature crow's feet. This is how girls age fast.

There are different environmental reasons why girls age faster. If a girl is practicing any one of the above habits or behaviors, she is sure to age faster. Avoiding these will help slow the aging process and lengthen a healthy youthful appearance.

Wendy Brock is a published writer, instructor, and lifelong student. View all of her beauty articles in her blog at Wendy Brock: Great Tips for Everyday Living

Article Source: Wendy Brock - Aging -- Why Most Girls Age Fast


  1. Wendy is a great writer and I love her blog. Thank you for spreading the word about her.

  2. I've never smoked and I drink relatively little (only wine, no spirits). I do drink coffee. But the real problem for me is the sun. I lived in the tropics for 2 years and with a fair skin I am now paying for it. I have a skin condition called porokeratosis of Mibelli (how's that for a spelling test!) and although it is not on my face it is very unsightly. During the spring/summer months I wear suncream 50 and apply it at least 3 times a day. I keep a pot in the bathroom, kitchen, car, workroom and pool house. That way I have no excuses! But I hate it because it really clogs up the skin.

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