Monday, January 28

Back With a Vengeance

Hello guys! I'm baaaack! It's been a while since I last posted here. I hibernated, so to speak, but now I'm back with a vengeance. I have been practicing new anti-aging tricks lately. It's not enough that I am using a mild moisturizing facial wash to cleanse my face before and after a good night's sleep. I have also been using not just an astringent, but a skin toner which deep cleanses my skin's pores and tightens them.

The reason for me going to such lengths trying to clean my face is that I've been using make-up lately. I know too much chemicals on one's face can destroy it sooner than later. I look young simply because I have avoided make-up for most of my adult life, but I don't think I can escape its use anymore.

I am now 30 years old. Though my skin is not showing its real age yet, I have noticed a dullness and some darkening in my skin. To cover up the changes I have started using makeup. It's been fun choosing colors and applying them and then seeing the transformation... but too much "pollution" on one's face can produce negative results.

I have been drinking lots of water to keep my body moisture in check. I have also been watching my diet, keeping my meals focused on fruits and vegetables, and less meat and fatty foods. But no matter how hard I try to keep myself healthy and sickness-free, the demands of age will still show itself on my skin.

I have also been taking anti-oxidant pills in addition to my multivitamin cache. Vitamins A, B, C and E are must-haves. Grape seed extract is a sought-after ingredient. The pills and capsules can be expensive to maintain, but so far, I feel good, so maybe they are working.

I am also faithfully using moisturizing and sun-block lotions to keep my skin firm, supple and sun-damage free as possible. I also keep from being exposed too much to the painful heat of the sun.

And yet... I have dull skin and dark spots.

Maybe it's time I find more tricks to apply. I have just ordered 10 sachets of a cleansing tonic from a friend. These sachets contain a powdered concentrate that can be taken each day as a juice drink, but has herbal extracts that will cleanse one's body from the pollutants we get from the food we eat: preservatives, food additives, etc. Also I am very interested in testing the use of Glutathione for added skin benefits (besides its liver cleansing qualities).

Stay tuned.

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