Tuesday, August 21

Keeping back the hands of time

Aging is not so scary if you think about it. A lined face may be a tableau for a well lived life. The creases around the mouth tell of a happy disposition; likewise with crinkling corners 'round one's eyes. Wrinkled folds between the eyes and on the forehead tell a different story, of course, but who hasn't got problems?

Yet many of us still believe that the effects of age can be held back with science. Man-made formulas and modern medical procedures have been used again and again by those who want to look younger than they really are. With the large number of anti-aging methods available for consumers do we really know which is proven effective and which can be harmful to our health?

Hi, my name is Marcie Keane and I'm a thirty-something woman searching for the best anti-aging skin care resources available today. Articles and reviews on popular anti-wrinkle creams and lotions and anti-aging serums and gels, posts on skin care and beauty tips from old wives' tales to modern how-tos, scientific methods on cosmetic surgery, and organic anti-aging techniques will fill this blog's pages. Feel free to comment and share what you know. You are welcome to disagree if you want to. Let's have a dynamic discussion of what works and what doesn't.

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