Friday, August 2

Why Suspension Lamps are Worth Their Price

Kitchen in pale green
Kitchen in pale green (Photo credit: The Little Greene Paint Company)
Ceiling lights and floor lamps provide soft lighting to an otherwise dark nook in the house. There is also recessed lighting for alcoves and outdoor lights for patios and garden paths. The kind of lighting that fascinates me, however, are suspension lamps. They may come with a hefty price tag, but the advantages they bring are certainly worth it.

Matches Modern Interiors

Suspension lamps and other types of modern lighting at match any home's modern interiors. A glass and chrome theme fits perfectly with lighting that looks like it's floating in the air. A large suspension lamp can double as a mini chandelier or a series of smaller lamps can serve as lighting for a study or work area.

An Unimpeded View

Using suspension lamps in the kitchen or dining room allows homeowners and house guests to see the other side of the room from floor to ceiling without the lamps blocking the view. The thin wires from which the lamps hang look almost invisible from a distance. In addition, they're not too bulky or heavy. So, these suspended lights tend to streamline one's view of the kitchen island or the length of the dining room table.

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