Thursday, August 8

How Biometric Clocks Really Work

Biometric clocks don't really check every line and curve in your thumbprint. It scans your thumbprint, graphs it, and compares it with the live thumb pressed against the scanner based on specific points in the graph. Compared to other ways of clocking in, such as using a pass card or stamping a time card, the biometric clock is almost cheat-free. Friends can't use your pass card or pretend to swipe your time card so you don't end up having too may tardy or late arrivals in your employee records.

For company managers, especially in the Human Resources, using this method of tracking their employees' arrival and departure times in the office not only saves them money and time, but also provides more accurate data. It's actually easy to find a store online or from a brick-and-mortar location where to buy a biometric time clock.

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