Monday, May 20

Two Types of Foam Packing Materials

English: end caps (foam insulation)
How foam insulation works (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lining your shipping box with foam is one way of protecting the contents from breakage and loss during transport. As of now, you have two types of packing foam to choose from: anti-static and solid charcoal. The solid charcoal foam has regular and firm types. Firm foams made with charcoal absorb odors from the shipping box contents while anti-static foambymail packing materials protect electronics from the effects of static electricity.

Aside from being used as lining in shipping boxes, these foam packing materials are also perfect for sound-proofing a room in your home. The charcoal foam doesn't stain or discolor for a long time. It also absorbs odors from the room. The anti-static foam serves the same purpose as the charcoal firm foam in deadening sounds from inside and outside.

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