Tuesday, May 21

Signs, Banners, and Other Outdoor Ads

Outdoor banners and flags
A banner of the Cultural District in Perry, Iowa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In the virtual world, we have pop-up ads and website banners that are animated and engage us with catchy music and funny story lines. Meanwhile, we're left with static two-dimensional images in the real world, but not for long. Creative minds have made use of the third dimension - depth - to make highly engaging billboards that go beyond the confines of the rectangular edges. Some billboards spill out to the ground and connect with other props, such as a tank truck or a parked van.

For personal outdoor signs, men have employed the aid of billboards to propose to their girlfriends. Other types of signage provide info for visitors coming to a town or city district for the first time. Most banners remain outdoors for a few days or weeks only. If you're interested in getting your own signage, you can find the right service center for banner printing at printingamerica.com or through the Yellow Pages of your local phone directory.

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