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Benefits of Good Fly Sheets for Horses

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Isabelle or Palomino mare with a foal somewhere in the UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If dogs and cats can be dressed in the softest and smoothest fabrics, so do horses with good fly sheets and neck covers. These garments provide protection for the horses as well as comfort while traveling or during winter and summer seasons. Other benefits of equine fly sheets include the following:

1. Protection from biting flies

The presence of biting flies can be stressful to a horse, and stress can lead to lowered immunity to common equine illnesses, including the sniffles. The bites are also a problem when they become infected and must be treated immediately. Most fly sheets are fortified with insecticide that repels biting flies as well as ordinary flies that cause discomfort to horses and spread bacterial diseases, including eye infections.

2. Keep cool during hot days and keep warm during winter

A fly sheet allows air to enter and body heat to dissipate. It also absorbs sweat and keep the horse's skin cool even during hot summer days. When winter comes, the fly sheets also keep your horses warm while out in the pasture area or while staying inside their stalls.

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