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Try Cheescake for Your Wedding

cheesecake wedding cake 2
Cheesecake Wedding Cake (Photo credit: pinprick)
If you envision your wedding cake to be cheesecake, chances are that you are a cheesecake lover. Not everybody likes the traditional white cake, so they are open to try something alternative. One of the wedding cakes that has become very popular is the cheesecake wedding cake.

If you are the traditional type and you dream of a tiered cake, you can accomplish that with cheesecake as well. They are probably going to be a bit heavy, but isn't a fruit cake just as heavy? If your tiers and supports are sturdy and well placed, your cake will be fine until it is time to eat it.

If you so wish, frosting can be used. You can also add the traditional bride and groom figures, rose petals, ribbons and anything else you want.

If you are making the cake yourself, you will need to think about storage. You cannot store cheesecake outside the refrigerator the way you can with regular wedding cakes. If your storage space in the refrigerator is limited, you might have to store the tiers separately, and then put them together at the wedding location. This way you won't have to worry about anything sliding while you are transporting them to the wedding location.

Another possibility is to serve individual cupcake sized cheesecakes or small slices, presented on a tiered cake stand. It would be much easier to serve the cake this way. The individual cheesecakes should be small. Most people never make it past a couple of bites of cake.

Even if you have individual cheesecakes, you can still have the bride and groom cut one. The cupcake can still be cut in half, and the bride and groom can feed the halves to each other. It could be extra entertainment for your guests.

While cheesecake can be a good choice for a small wedding, it is often not so convenient if you have a large number of guests. Cheesecake is heavy and flat, so it would be a problem to assemble a large quantity. But, if that's what you would like to do, you can have one small cheesecake wedding cake for all to see, and more cheesecakes stored in the refrigerator ready to be served.

If you choose cheesecake, you can often choose among many flavors and colors. So you will have a variety of choices when it comes to pick the look of your cake. It can be colored to match your wedding theme, or even include different flavors. You can even choose to have your cheesecake wedding cake shaped as a golf course, if the theme of the wedding is golf.

Crust is another thing you will have a choice on. The choice can range among cookies, chocolate chips, nuts or crackers. A white chocolate cheesecake presented in a macadamia nut crust will be so luscious your guest will not easily forget it.

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