Tuesday, April 16

Replace Old Classroom Tables With New Ones

Classroom Tables (Photo credit: James F Clay)
It's only mid-April here on the sunnier side of the planet and registration for the new school year is still a few weeks away, but if you're planning to do some cleaning and renovation in the classrooms this spring and summer cleaning, then replace old  furniture with new ones. Students and teachers use classroom tables all the time. When one of these tables break down, it needs a replacement right away or else the class will have to work on their assignments and school activities somewhere else.

Classroom tables have different shapes beside the variety in material, color, and size. A classroom table can be kidney-shaped, rectangular or round. Tables shaped like a rectangle can be short or long depending on their use. Long tables are best used for conferences and as dining tables in the cafeteria. Kidney-shaped tables look great in children's classrooms where the students work in groups. Round tables are good for the teachers' lounge.

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