Sunday, December 16

Use Blank Address Labels as Gift Tags

White Sticker Labels 32mm x 64mm
White Sticker Labels (32mm x 64mm)
Photo credit: SunnyGo
If you haven't got any greeting card or gift tag available to send your Yuletide greetings to the person you're giving the gift to, then make use of a blank address label instead. These are stickers mostly used for writing the destination address of express mails and shipping containers. Some blank labels are applied to folders for easy filing or printed with barcodes for inventory identification.

You may create your own labels if you know how using a graphics editing software and your printer. Many websites offer free downloads of blank label templates. But, when you don't have the time or the skills to design your own sticker label, find a web company that sells sheets of ready-made label designs based on themes. Choose your preferred shape and size, the number of labels per sheet, and pay for your items via credit card or online payment sites. You'll probably receive the sheets in either Word or PDF format via email or a direct download link. When you have them on your desktop, just edit the blank space reserved for names and addresses, and you're ready to print the label using your home printer.

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