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Crowd Control Barriers for Parties and Events

They're not brooms...
Golden stanchions with red velvet ropes
(Photo credit: slambo_42)
Crowd control mostly conjures up an image of a mob, particularly protesters at a political rally who are raging against the government and the social establishment in the streets. Close by, there's a squadron of policemen dressed in protective helmets, gas masks, and bulletproof vests and carrying their shields like a wave of armor. Yet, these aren't the only situations where crowd control barrier is needed. In reality, the crowd control methods used during political rallies aren't the same as the types of crown control barriers used during huge events, such as concerts and sports games.

Generally, these types of barriers - retractable belts, stanchion posts, hanging ropes, and plastic chains - designate the areas where the crowd can and cannot access and direct a line of people towards the right destination. Used in theaters and clubs, the hanging velvet ropes between metal posts signify the line where VIPs and important customers are given priority over the rest of the crowd. Meanwhile, the retractable belts appear in tandem with stanchion posts in shopping centers and theme parks to organize the crowd into lines of people waiting for their chance to pay for grocery items or to buy tickets for thrill rides at the park.

On one hand, plastic chains with plastic stanchions are mostly used during fun events and parties, especially when children were invited as guests. Because these barriers were made of plastic, they're lightweight and won't fall and hurt the kids. They're available in bright colors that look festive as the plastic chains hang in a line between the posts.

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