Sunday, December 16

A Creative Use of Small Brochures for Parties and Events

Brochures! (Photo credit: Antonio Bonanno)
We generally see brochures as tools in informing the public about a company's products and services. These marketing materials are published through a third-party company that provides fast brochure printing that offers an optional graphics design job for an all-in-one service package. Whether you already have a brochure layout prepared or not, these web services lets you accomplish your work or finish a personal job before it's due or considered late. After all, anyone who's been involved in a project knows the value of meeting deadlines and outsourcing part of your job isn't tantamount to cheating at work, but rather a wise way of distributing those minor tasks so you can focus on doing an excellent job on the major ones.

However, you can also put someone else to work on designing party invitations for the coming holidays or a special event's Program of Activities in brochure form. An online provider of fast brochure printing can finish these rush jobs on time with high-quality results. They also do other custom-print media for educational purposes, such as putting out an introduction to a new public policy or explaining a particularly new concept in Science and Technology.

For parties and events, a small bi-fold brochure (8.5" by 11") has enough space for designers to create a more impressive invitation card. The invitation's size also fits standard mail envelopes (8.5" x 5.5") in case you're sending them via Post instead of hand-delivering them personally. In addition, paying for custom-printed invitations lets you choose whether you want them in either glossy or UV coated paper. These options for printing on special paper meet the need for moisture-proof and long-lasting brochures.

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