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High-Quality and Unique Cigar Lighters as Personal Gifts

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Whether it's a birthday, a holiday, or any celebratory party, the recipient of high-quality cigar lighters surely realizes the amount of thought and care given in choosing these gifts. As someone who appreciates Cuban cigars made from fine tobacco leaves, this person expects to receive a lighter that won't sputter at a crucial moment and still carries some quirkiness and strength in character. Although many cigar smokers are men, there are also women who like the rich aroma and the strong tobacco flavor of Cuban cigars. And so, some cigar lighters possess a feminine appeal in their appearance and function.

Cigar Lighters for the Strong and Silent Types

When the person you're giving a present to seems like the debonair kind of a guy, a silver chrome lighter with a triple jet flame looks like a perfect gift. It has two flames on each side shooting at an eight-degree angle to create concentrated heat at the tip of the cigar. This burns up less tobacco at the tip fast enough for a smoker to quickly suck in that first taste. No part of the cigar is wasted and little of the lighter fluid is used.

Another type of cigar lighter is designed to be windproof. Instead of opening all the way back, its top cover flips up high enough for the butane-fueled flame to reach the cigar's tip. The lighter also has a self-adjusting mechanism for regulating the flame's size to keep it alive while lighting up outdoors. Alternatively, a windproof lighter may be flameless, which means it uses batteries instead of butane. It generates a mild electrical charge, which produces intense heat to light up the rolled tobacco's tip.

Novelty Cigar Lighters for Smokers with a Great Sense of Humor

Imagine lighting up your Havanas with a cigar lighter that looks like a matchstick with its signature red head and its slim wooden body. The only aspect of this illusion that's a reminder of its fakery is its size. Made in Japan, the matchstick lighter keeps your old school tendencies intact while also keeping up with modern technology with a match that doesn't get burnt or worn out. Your only concern is refilling the lighter with butane and storing it in a "cool, dry place."

A miniature fire extinguisher is another funny-looking cigar lighter. Instead of cold foam spraying out of its nozzle, its a red-hot flame for burning things. Some of these cigar lighters double as key chains. While some have a tiny little hose attached to them that functions also as a LED flashlight.

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