Monday, May 14

Break Out The Flavored Cigars and Puff Away in Style

I used to smoke cigarettes. My favorite flavor was plain menthol, but when I had some extra money, I bought chocolate-flavored smokes. They're stored in an all-black package with the name Black Bat printed in stylistic lettering in front. They cost me about 60 to 70 pesos ($1.42 to $1.67) a pack. Unlike the ordinary cigs or the menthol kind, these flavored smokes have a darker after-taste and exudes a deeply sweet aroma. The smell or taste of chocolate isn't too strong that the tobacco is barely detectable. Much like the pleasure of smoking La Flor Dominicana cigars, which are expensive, these high-end cigarettes also serve as status symbols. Anyone who is somebody breaks out these cigars during a house party or while having fun at a club with friends.

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