Saturday, April 28

Enjoy Al Fresco Dining with a Sunbrella Over Your Table

Outdoor Table & Umbrella
Outdoor Table & Umbrella (Photo credit: :Salihan)
Most al fresco dining areas consist of an outdoor dining table and chairs set up under a covered patio or pergola on your terrace. But, what if you don't have the luxury of thick vines forming a makeshift ceiling over an arbor on your patio? The solution is to install a sunbrella over the table. This large outdoor umbrella easily provides shade from the sun for circular spots as wide as 13 feet or about 4 meters in diameter. The fabric has been chemically treated during the manufacturing process to effectively repel water as well as heat.

The table umbrella stretches tightly over a sturdy frame, which is supported by a thick pole attached to the center of the table. A sunbrella may be rotated or tilted from a movable stem connected to the rest of the pole. Either hardwood or aluminum may have been used to create the frame and pole.
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