Saturday, April 21

A Call for Support: Vote for Jessica Sanchez Now!

If you haven't heard yet about Jessica Sanchez' shocking near-elimination, then you must have been hiding under a rock somewhere. The idea that a talented singer like Sanchez and fellow bottom-three AI contestants, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone, who also displayed outstanding performances during that week. Naturally, everyone was all agog that three of the most talented in the competition would ever fall to such lows. In particular, Filipinos here in the Philippines and Filipino-Americans in the U.S. reacted strongly to that development. Fortunately, the three judges decided to bestow their one and only SAVE for the season to Jessica to keep her in the race.

However, this event served as a lesson to everyone that complacency doesn't pay at all. For us in the Philippines, we're encouraged to use any resource we have at our disposal. The most effective so far are the special phones and computer jacks that let us use VoIP services to vote for Jessica Sanchez through the assigned toll-free number for her flashed after her performance. Lately, I've been looking over vonage rates and Skype credits that I can use to call the number.

If you want a very useful step-by-step guide, here's a contribution from a netizen with a nickname "tron99" who posted this as a comment under one of ABS-CBN News' articles:

If you have Magic Jack or NetTalk phones in Pinas, you can vote for Jessica by dialing the toll free number that will be assigned to her after the American Idol show. Check the American Idol website or Jessica Sanchez facebook to find out the toll free number she got for that episode.

You have 2 chances to vote: 10am-12noon and 1pm-3pm on Thursday Manila time. If you get busy tone (try at least twice to be sure) on the first time slot, that means your Magic Jack or NetTalk phone has a West Coast number, so trying dialing on the second time slot (1-3pm). You can vote as many times as you want via dial method. If you get a busy tone, it means the voting is closed.

If you don’t have Magic Jack or Nettalk phone, you can also try dialing from your computer using Skype for free. If you got busy tone on the first time slot, try the second time slot. If you have Skype app on your smartphones, that should work too.


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