Thursday, March 1

Oh, How Technology Flies By So Fast!

I don't think much about grooved screws and the acme thread, the nuts and bolts, or the male and female gears inside machines. However, I am really fascinated with their functions since that time I tore apart my old wind-up watch. That was a time when digital devices weren't staple tools. Back then, typewriters were the preferred machines for writing reports and the telephones were bulky fixtures connected to the network through copper-filled wires that often delivered static noise along with voice calls and interrupted the conversation with hiccups of dead air. Now, every old device has been upgraded to a more sophisticated version of itself and the newest gadgets are getting smaller, sleeker, faster and richer in features every year.

Last year, my husband gifted me with an Android tablet. It was a marvel the first time I used it. However, the software soon got bumped to higher (presumably better) versions and my device has recently been cast out of the list of recipients for the most current upgrade of its OS. Naturally, the once invaluable gadget has just been demoted to an undesirable status of Obsolete Technology.

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