Sunday, March 4

The Difference Between a Motorhome and a Trailer

Recreational Vehicles or RVs are a common mode of transportation for people traveling by land and would like to bring along the comforts of home with them. However, not all RVs fully feature all these comforts. They're mostly furnished with only the basics, such as sleeping spaces, a kitchen area, and a toilet closet. Moreover, these RVs are mainly divided into two categories: the motorhomes or camper vans and the trailers. Like with an ordinary vehicle, driving an RV requires a driver's license, motorhome insurance, regular check-ups, and skill in maneuvering their bulk through traffic and when parking by the curb.

Essentially, the main difference between the two groups is their capability to travel on their own horsepower. Motorhomes and camper vans run on their own engine power. These vehicles often have bulky frames because their interiors were already equipped with the necessary amenities to function as a complete home. Each motorhome has designated areas for a living room, a kitchen with a functioning sink, a fully-functioning bathroom, and a couple of beds located at the back and on a second level.

On one hand, a trailer or a mobile home isn't seen as a real vehicle as a supplementary space to an ordinary vehicle, such as a family van, mini-bus, pick-up truck, or an SUV. Trailers cannot move without being towed. Among various types of trailers, the fifth-wheel trailer is the most commonly used as a mobile home. It has a longer, wider body with a second level for additional space.

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