Thursday, March 1

Create a Homey Atmosphere with Rustic Bedding and Country-Style Props

Although you may own a studio apartment with modern furnishings or live in a house with a contemporary design, you can still create a homey atmosphere in your living room, kitchen or bedroom through the use of rustic bedding and other country-style props in your interiors. The rustic theme -- marked by its preference for warm or earthy colors and the frequent appearance of nature-inspired patterns -- exudes a sense of peace and comfort associated with country living. This invisible aura of warmth must be a psychological effect of surrounding one's self with the hues of Fall or autumn like yellows, oranges, reds and browns. Because of the common use of Nature symbols and images, rustic bedding designs also lean towards earthy colors, such as shades of green. Black or grey lines often frame or accent these rustic designs.

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