Monday, February 27

New Barcode is 2D Image

Prices used to be written by hand on blank tags hanging from a string tied around a product on sale. Then, the digital age came and allowed merchants to print prices as sticker labels. After that, technological advancement brought us the point-of-sale system, which uses allows machines to store and process prices and other information about the product in a quick and convenient way. With the use of barcodes -- variegated lines printed together to form a pattern -- machines can identify the products and match the codes with their corresponding file in the computer.

Now, technology has once again stepped up the retail process by using a new barcode pattern that uses a black-and-white pixel image rather than dark lines. This new barcode pattern is called a QR code, which contains more information than the ordinary barcode and has other applications aside from providing pricing information. In fact, QR codes may include Internet links, sound bytes or other types of data. They may also be scanned using a smartphone with a camera.

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