Sunday, February 19

If only I have LED lamps...

English: A selection of commercially available...
A selection of commercially available LED lamps ("light bulbs") with Edison (screw-type) base/ Photo by Geoffrey A. Landis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lately, I've noticed my eyes have developed a sensitivity to brightly lit incandescent light. Anything from bulbs in lamps to tubes up in the ceiling can hurt my eyes easily. This is also the main reason why I favor reading e-books through my tablet, which has a LED screen, rather than read paperbacks under the harsh glare of a fluorescent light. If only my desk lamp and the ceiling lamps in our house had LED light bulbs in them instead of CFL bulbs, then I'd be able to read a book more comfortably. Plus, with LED light bulbs, our energy consumption would be reduced significantly. That also means a decrease in our monthly payments to the electric company.

The only problem with LED lamps, though, is the bulb's expensive retail price. Although studies have proven that LED lamps can reduce energy consumption and save a lot of money in the long run, the high cost of initial expenses for purchasing LED light bulbs and install them around the house seems one of the reasons that not all homes have turned to using LED lamps instead of CFL bulbs or halogen lamps. Moreover, the LED light bulb's long-lasting durability for up to a decade isn't enough to convince lower income families to shell out money and invest in LED light bulbs.

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