Friday, September 30

As Autumn Winds Blow, Halloween Comes Near

Jack-o-laternImage via WikipediaTomorrow is the first day of October, which pushes Autumn into full swing. Covering most of the ground, thick layers of fallen leaves form a bright palette of orange, red, yellow and brown against dried patches of grass. Up above, the skies slide by in clumps of steel gray cotton while the Autumn wind brings in the chill of coming winter. Aside from heralding Fall's beautiful awakening, the month of October also marks a day of farewell to life's nurturing warmth as the animals sleep underground and the plants remain in suspended animation until Spring arrives.

On the 31st of this month, we remember the Feast of Samhain of the Celtics who dress up in disguise for them to move freely among the spirits that roam around the earth during that fateful night. By tomorrow, children and adults will be busy with preparing their costumes for a trick or treat or for a rousing Halloween party. If you plan to have a Halloween costume party with friends or family, then send your Halloween invitations as early as today to give your guests enough time to prepare their costumes. Some people don't mind having a ready-to-wear Halloween costume, but some individuals just love getting into the spirit of Halloween scares and dares. They might prefer a few weeks notice before the date of the Halloween party.
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