Wednesday, June 22

Fireplace Mantel Designs In The Tropics, Anyone?

Because the Philippines is a tropical country, most homes do not need fireplaces. Instead, everyone prefers to install an air-conditioning unit or system. However, homes in high altitude locations, such as Baguio and Tagaytay, have a fireplace or heating system installed. Some of the fireplaces were electric and only sport fireplace mantel designs as decor rather than utility.

Most designs follow the Western brick pattern. Others use marble, which is in abundance here from Romblon. Others use tiles or wood to frame their electric fireplace or to serve as decor for a living room wall. Wood is the best choice for most homes because it adds character. Aside from that, the carvers in Laguna are known for their creative works. You can have your fireplace mantel design specially made to fit your interiors and your furniture.

Like the fur coat and the trench coat, fireplace mantel designs may seem out of place in the tropics, but because they lend a certain character to a room, they are fun to add to the interior design. Your local decorator or architect will surely love to add that piece into your interior design plans.

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