Saturday, May 7

What is Medigap?

While researching for an article writing stint about insurance, I came across the concept of Medigap, which involves medicare supplement plans. I am already familiar with Medicare, but the idea of supplemental plans is something new. So I set out to find out what Medigap is and how it can benefit Medicare members.

Nedicare plans have two options: one provides help for in-patient services at hospitals and the other offers assistance to outpatients who visit clinics regularly. A Medicare member may choose one of these plans, or both. However, Plans A and B are limited by themselves, which leads us to Medicare Advantage Plans, which offer comprehensive coverage, but costs more. To compensate for the limits in each of the basic Medicare plans, members can buy Medigap from private insurance providers who will fill in the rest of the insurance coverage. Only individual with Medicare Advantage are not eligible to take a Medigap plan because they have no need for it.

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