Saturday, May 7

Remembering playgrounds

Combination playground equipment (plastic)
Combination playground equipment (plastic) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I remember playing with my friends at the kindergarten school's playground. The swing, see-saw and slide were simply made from wood and steel, which was rusty because of exposure to wind and rain. As a result, our uniforms constantly had stains from the rust and dirt. Today, however, see children play in playgrounds that are cleaner, safer and much more visually appealing than plain wood and steel.

The present generation of children are lucky to have better commercial playground equipment in their schools, at the park, and in many commercial establishments that entertain children. These playground equipment not only consists of slides and see-saws, but also challenging mazes that have tunnels, mini-ladders, mini-slides, small cave-like spaces and hanging bars. The makers of these equipment understand that children love to explore and to challenge each other while at play.

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