Wednesday, April 27

Those Were The Days Of Hip Hop Clothing

I remember growing up in the nineties. I was in High School that time, wearing baggy, high waisted jeans with tucked in shirts and high-top Reeboks. I also remember the popularity of straight-cut ultra-baggy pants with waists a size bigger so they hung low on the hips and held tight by a belt. The hems had to be folded at least an inch, but had to also cover the tops of the shoes. To match the looseness of the pants, a super baggy t-shirt hangs loose over the body and its hem reaches the knees of the wearer. Completing the look, the perosn wears a set of blings (such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings) a few tattoos, and a cap worn backwards. This is the kind of hip hop clothing kids here in Iloilo think should look like. Lastly, I also remember, the rockers, who were all dressed in black with torn jeans, hated the hip-hoppers with passion.

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