Sunday, March 27

My Ideal Home Theater Setup

diaphragm, loudspeaker membrane of a subwoofer...Image via WikipediaWhile writing for an article on home speakers, I learned of several types that fit my own needs. My hubby and I have a small house and we lack the space to accommodate a full home theater system. Two surround speakers, one subwoofer and a sound bar will do fine.

We plan to set up a home theater system in our bedroom. The two surround speakers will be mounted at the back of the room on each corner facing towards the center of the room. The sound bar will be placed under the wall-mounted TV. Lastly, the subwoofer will be place in front of the bed, facing towards the TV.

The surround speakers are small, but deliver full wrap-around sound. The sound bar will enhance the sound from the TV, while the subwoofer will take care of low frequencies, such as background music, and the earth-shattering booms from action scenes and special effects.

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