Tuesday, December 14

Using cell phones in the Philippines

Cell phones in the Philippines have become more affordable despite the continued demand for them. The drop in prices largely comes from the increased demand for newer and more full-featured mobile phones. The lower priced units are commonly old models or nearly obsolete ones.

However, despite the obsolescence of these models, many Filipinos still buy them because they are very cheap. These units have become disposable, which is often abused by criminals who also buy disposable SIM cards to mask their criminal activities.

If you are visiting the Philippines, then you are advised to get either a 3G or 4g phone with quadband frequencies. If your mobile phone is connected to post paid phone companies in the US, then better buy another cell phone so you can use a prepaid SIM card from either Smart or Globe. Connecting your Verizon or At&T account with the local networks is a hassle.

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